Johns trumps field in Victor Macedo Memorial road race

In an extraordinary display of speed, grit and stamina, Team Coco’s Jamal John emerged winner of the grueling 80-mile Victor Macedo Memorial road race yesterday.

The club’s youngest wheelsman placed first in the 15th edition of the event while leading Hamza Alonzo Ambrose and Orville Hinds onto the podium for the race which rolled off in Peter Rose Street, continued to Dora on the Linden Soesdyke Highway and concluded on Homestretch Avenue.

Jamal John punches the air in celebration after out sprinting his breakaway mates to claim victory in the prestigious race for the second time in his short career. (Orlando Charles photo)

The national rider in his crisp neon green team kit, carted off the spoils in overcast conditions in a brisk three hours and 11 minutes and five seconds.

John, 20, out sprinted his six breakaway mates to claim victory in the prestigious race organized by the Flying Stars Cycle Club for the second time in his short career.

Veteran rider, Paul Choo-Wee-Nam, Akeem Wilkinson, Raul Leal, Michael Anthony and Paul DeNobrega filled out the top eight paid positions.

At the conclusion of the event, prizes were shared out to the top finishers by members of the Macedo family. The organizers also mentioned that plans are in place for making next year’s staging a bigger and better event by inviting overseas cyclists to compete.

The top prize takers pose for a photo following the completion of the race yesterday on Homestretch Avenue. (Orlando Charles photo)

Quick Results



Top eight overall

1st Jamal John

2nd Alanzo Ambrose

3rd Orville Hinds

4th Paul Choo-Wee-Nam

5th Akeem Wilkinson

6th Raul Leal

7th Michael Anthony

8th Paul DeNobrega



Chris Cornelius

Nigel Duguid

Adelie Hodge

Marcus Keiler



Jaikarran Sukhai

Junior Niles

Warren ’40’ McKay


Mountain Bike

Ozia McAulay

Julio Melville

Jude Bentley



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