Crushing wins for Eastveldt, Fruta Conquerors in NAMILCO football

Eastveldt and Fruta Conquerors scored crushing wins over Order and Discipline and Pele respectively when the Georgetown leg of the National Milling Company (NAMILCO) U17 League commenced yesterday.

Played at the Thirst Park ground, Eastveldt hammered Order and Discipline 7-0. Mario Williams netted a brace in the 50th and 56th minute while Travis Hercules scored in the 48th and 68th minute.

On target in the 14th, 61st and 64th minute were Zion Gray, Marcus Wilson and Carl Lynch respectively.

Similarly, Fruta Conquerors dismissed Pele 5-1.

Reshawn Ritch scored a hat-trick in the sixth, 26th and 60th minute, while Richard Rayside and Turston Gordon netted in the eighth and 12th minute apiece. For the losers, Dorwin George found the back of the net in the 31st minute.

Meanwhile, Santos and Camptown battled to a 1-1 result. Nazim Algornon scored in the ninth minute for Santos, while Lennox Young equalised in the 39th minute.

Complete Results


Fruta Conquerors-5 vs Pele-1

Fruta Scorers

Reshawn Ritch-6th, 26th and 60th

Richard Rayside-8th

Turston Gordon-12th

Pele Scorer

Dorwin George-31st


Santos-1 vs Camptown-1

Santos Scorer

Nazim Algornon-9th

Camptown Scorer

Lennox Young-39th


Eastveldt-7 vs Order and Discipline-0

Mario Williams-50th and 56th

Travis Hercules-48th and 68th

Zion Gray-14th

Marcus Wilson-61st

Carl Lynch-64th

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