Somwaru elected BCB president in contentious elections

Dhierandranauth Somwaru was yesterday voted in as president of the Berbice Cricket Board (BCB), in what according to reports was a “contentious fashion” at the long-awaited elections held at the Classic International Hotel.

The new executive. Seated, President Dhierandranauth Somwaru (centre), Vice -President David Black (left) and Imtiaz Bacchus (right). Standing – Vickram Seubarran, Carol Nurse, Leslie Solomon and Godwyn Allicock.

A source last evening told Stabroek Sport that Somwaru was uncontested after his challenger, Hilbert Foster was prevented from being nominated since nominations were immediately closed after Somwaru was nominated.

As such, a number of cricket clubs then chose not to participate in the elections which went on nevertheless. Subsequent to Somwaru’s ascent to the top post, David Black, Imtiaz Bacchus and Winston Roberts were elected as the three Vice-Presidents while Vickram Seubarran was elected Secretary and Carol Nurse as Assistant Secretary.

Stabroek Sport was also informed that Godwyn Allicock and Leslie Solomon were elected as Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer, respectively.

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