GFF establishes new safety protocols for moveable goal posts

Following the tragic death of six-year-old Glensean Skeete, the Guyana Football Federation has established new safety protocols for moveable goal posts.

According to a release from the GFF, the guidelines were communicated to respective Regional Member Associations (RMAs) on October 4th.

The rules are “1. All goal posts MUST be securely fastened to the ground, by any means possible, during and after use. 2. A WARNING SIGN must be posted at all football venues ‘DO NOT SWING AND/OR CLIMB ONTO ANY GOAL POST.’ 3. Players MUST be warned of the dangers associated with the misuse of goal posts. 4. Children MUST NOT be permitted to play unsupervised under and around goal posts. 5. All goal posts MUST be inspected regularly to ensure they are structurally sound. 6. Football games MUST NOT be played with unsecured goal posts.”

The federation instituted the rules after Skeete, a former St. Paul’s Primary student, who was training for his school sports at the Plaisance ground, was struck by the falling structure.

The incident occurred after another student had climbed atop the woodwork, causing the goal-posts to fall.

Meanwhile, President of the GFF Wayne Forde visited the parents of the child, Tracey and Glenroy Skeete on September 29th and made a monetary contribution.





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