Herstelling Raiders make light work of Diamond

Herstelling Raiders defeated Diamond 2-0 when the Ralph Green/East Bank Football Association (EBFA) U11 league continued yesterday at the Grove Community Centre ground.

The Raiders made light work of Diamond, led by goals from Solomon Austin and Lucas Fontehelles in the 11th and 16th minute correspondingly.

Also, Grove Hi-Tech and Mocha battled to a 1-1 draw. Jamal Cordis scored in the eighth minute for the home side, while Kerry Boyce, the lone female on the Mocha unit, equalised in the 24th minute.

Meanwhile, Samatta Point/Kaneville United defeated Diamond Upsetters via walkover. The event resumes at the same venue on October 28th.

Complete Results


Grove-1 vs Mocha-1


Grove Scorer

Jamal Cordis-8th


Mocha Scorer

Kerry Boyce-24th



Herstelling-2 vs Diamond-0

Solomon Austin-11th

Lucas Fontehelles-16th



Samatta Point/Kaneville United vs Diamond Upsetters

Samatta Point/Kaneville United won via walkover

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