Ansa McAl support for LABA division one basketball tournament

Magnum Tonic Wine Brand Representative Edison Jefford (left) handing over the Championship trophy to LABA President Lawrence Simon for the Division-1 League at the Trophy Stall Bourda location  

Ansa McAl Trading under its Magnum Tonic Wine, officially partnered with the Linden Amateur Basketball Association (LABA), for the staging of its division one league which is set to commence next week.

Lawrence Simon, President of LABA, praised the company for its contribution, noting that the timely partnership will maintain the discipline’s development in the region.

Edison Jefford, Magnum Tonic Wine Brand representative declared that the contribution highlights the company’s continued commitment to the development of sports. He added that the entity is proud to assist in keeping basketball in the community of Linden active.


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