Marcus outstanding in Cancer Awareness Futsal competition

Teams Nicole Schultz, Ena Persaud and Yvette Bunbury won their matches when the ‘We Believe Cup’ Women’s Futsal competition continued Monday at the National Gymnasium, Mandela Avenue.

The inaugural event is being held to promote Breast Cancer Awareness, with the competing teams being named after cancer survivors.

Nicole Schultz made light work of Rosaline Clarke winning 8-2. Shameka Marcus bagged a helmet trick while Terryka Joseph tallied a brace.

Chipping in with one goal each were Feliz Chan and Shania Riley.

Annalisa Johnson and Sasha James found the back of the net for Rosaline Clarke.

Ena Persaud downed Rajkumarie Harripersaud 6-4 in a thrilling affair. Sasha James fashioned a hat-trick while Annalisa Johnson scored twice and Shameka Marcus, once.

For Rajkumarie Persaud, Terryka Joseph and Shania Daniels netted two goals each.

Meanwhile Yvette Bunbury dismissed Bibi Hasan 3-1. Tiandi Smith registered a double while Nicole Lovell scored once. For Bibi Hasan, Lakeisha Pearson scored the lone goal.

In other results, Christine Jordan edged Vonette Mayers 3-2. Lakeisha Pearson bagged a double while Shameka Marcus netted once. For the loser, Stacy Adams scored twice.

Similarly, Francine Leitch squeaked past Bibi Ali 1-0. Shania Daniels found the back of the net for the winner. The top three finishers in the event will receive trophies and medals.

Sponsors of the tournament include the National Sports Commission (NSC), Guyana Football Federation (GFF), the Guyana Cancer Foundation, the Alex Bunbury Sports and Academic Academy (ABSAA) and the National Milling Company (NAMILCO).


Complete Results


Ena Persaud-6 vs Rajkumarie Harripersaud-4


Ena Scorers

Sasha James-(3)

Annalisa Johnson-(2)

Shameka Marcus

Rajkumarie Scorers

Terryka Joseph-(2)

Shania Daniels-(2)


Yvette Bunbury-3 vs Bibi Hasan-1

Yvette Bunbury Scorers

Tiandi Smith-(2)

Nicole Lovell

Bibi Hasan Scorer

Lakeisha Pearson


Rosaline Clarke-2 vs Nicole Schultz-8

Nicole Schultz Scorers

Shameka Marcus-(4)

Terryka Joseph-(2)

Feliz Chan

Shania Riley

Rosaline Clarke Scorers

Annalisa Johnson

Sasha James


Vonette Mayers-2 vs Christine Jordan-3

Christine Jordan Scorers

Lakeisha Pearson-(2)

Shameka Marcus

Vonette Mayers Scorer

Stacy Adams


Francine Leitch-1 vs Bibi Ali-0

Shania Daniels

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