Strong Man, Mixed Pairs competition for this year’s Fitness Expo

The sponsors and the organizers of the third annual GTM Fitness Health and Fitness Games pose for a photo Thursday evening following the launch at the Giftland Mall. The two-day event will be held at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall starting from November 11. 

For the past two years when the calendar flips to November, health and fitness enthusiasts circle the dates for the Guyana and Trinidad Mutual (GTM) Health and Fitness Expo.

This year will be no different.

It was disclosed during the launch Thursday evening at the Giftland Mall that GTM will once again partner with the Guyana Fitness Games to stage the third annual two-day event at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall from November 11.

What will be different however, is the added facets to the expo. For the first time in Guyana, there will be a Strong Man competition while the athletes competing in the RX division of the crossfit-style events will compete in mixed pairs instead of individually.

The pair of Guyana’s fittest male and female, Dillon Mahadeo and Semonica Duke will be the ones to watch.

Gladiators competing in the Strong Man challenge will be tasked with pulling an excavator weighing in excess of 20,000 pounds, flipping a heavy tire, lifting boulders and other herculean feats.

On day one, the Expo gets underway with a free fitness session conducted by some of Guyana’s leading instructors starting from 13:00hrs. This will be followed by a Cancer Awareness Glow Walk and the Zumba Glow Party for Cancer Awareness in the evening.

Day two kicks off at 13:00hrs with fitness demonstrations, a squat challenge and then the fitness challenge followed by the highly anticipated Strong Man event.

On both days there will be free blood pressure testing. On hand will also be a dental bus, an optical booth, salad and shake booths along with nutritionists.

During the launch, Director of Sport, Christopher Jones encouraged citizens to support the event. He noted that a ‘fit and proper’ nation is of paramount importance while advising Guyanese to fully embrace a healthy lifestyle.

Along with a t-shirt and glow accessories, admission for Saturday’s event  costs $1000. Admission for Sunday is $500. Children under 10 will be admitted free on both days.

Tickets can be bought at Fitness Express on Sheriff street and Pollo Tropical at the Giftland Mall.

Sponsors for the fixture include: GTM Insurance, Banks DIH with Monster, Powerade and Aqua mist water, DeSinco Trading with Lipton Tea and Degree, Macorp, Republic Bank, St. Joseph Mercy Hospital, Pollo Tropical, Fitness Express and Genesis Fitness Express.



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