Futsal Christmas Classic set to commence early next month

The inaugural Magnum ‘Tek Charge and Win’ Futsal Christmas Classic is scheduled to commence December 1st at the National Gymnasium, Mandela Avenue. According to a release from the organizers, the event will last for eight nights and will feature 32 of the leading Futsal Teams, battling for over $900,000 in cash and prizes.

The competing teams are, 1.Sparta Boss, 2.Gold is Money, 3.Back Circle, 4.Future Stars, 5.Leopold Street, 6.Sophia, 7.Tucville, 8.North Ruimveldt, 9.Queen Street Tiger Bay, 10.Albouystown-B, 11.Albouystown-A, 12.Ol Skool Ballers, 13.North East La Penitence, 14.Alexander Village, 15.Channel Nine Warriors, 16.Broad Street, 17. Kitty Hustlers, 18. New Market Street, 19.West Back Road, 20. Mike Stars, 21.Campbellville, 22.Festival City, 23.African Team, 24.Buxton Diamond, 25. Pike Street Sophia, 26. Champion Boys, 27. Brazilian Team, 28. Mocha, 29. Swag Entertainment, 30.Silver Bullets, 31.Showstoppers and 32.MBK All Stars.

The other scheduled dates are December 3rd, December 5th, December 10th, December 12th, December 14th, December 19th and December 23rd 2017.

Winner of the event will pocket $500,000 and the championship trophy, while the runners-up will receive $200,000 and the corresponding accolade. The third and fourth place finishers will collect $100,000 and $50,000 apiece and the respective trophy.

On the individual side, the Most Valuable Player (MVP) will walk away with US$100. Patrons will also be eligible to receive headphones, tee shirts and speakers.

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