158 ASK students successful at karate grading exercise

The ASK-Guyana senseis and students at the grading exercise held last Sunday at the YMCA, Thomas Lands

The Association do Shotokan Karate (ASK)-Guyana held a grading exercise for 158 karate students last Sunday at the ASK Headquarters Dojo at the YMCA on Thomas Lands.

According to an ASK-Guyana press release, the grading was conducted by 9th Dan Shuseki Shihan Frank Woon-A-Tai who was assisted by Senseis Amir Khouri, 7th Dan and 4th Dan Roger Peroune.

The following is the list of grade promotions: 28 students to yellow belt (8kyu), 18 students to orange belt (7kyu), 29 students to green belt (6kyu), 23 students to blue belt (5kyu), 16 students to purple belt (4kyu), 11 students to brown belt (3kyu), 17 students to brown belt (2kyu), 8 students to brown belt (1kyu), 6 students to 1st Dan (black belt) and 2 students to 2nd Dan (black belt).

Senseis Amir Khouri and Jeffrey Wong were successful at their 7th Dan examinations on the 9th November.

Shuseki Shihan Woon-A-Tai also held intensive training sessions for instructors and seniors for the two weeks whilst he was here in Guyana.

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