‘Guinness Goal’ among new innovations

——as Guinness Greatest of the Streets Georgetown zone prepares for kickoff

Three Peat Promotions, Rawle Welch (2nd from left), receives the symbolic ball from Colours Boutique representative Creanna Damon in the presence of Referees Coordinator Wayne Griffith (left), Guinness Brand Manager Lee Baptiste (2nd from left) and Banks DIH Limited Communications Director and tournament consultant Troy Peters

The 2017 edition of the Guinness ‘Greatest of the Streets’ George-town Championship was officially launched yesterday at the Thirst Park Sports Club.

The event, which commences tomorrow at the East Ruimveldt Community Center tarmac (California Square), will see 32 teams battling in a round-robin format of eight groups of four teams initially.

Upon the conclusion of the group stage, the top two finishers from each pool will advance to the round of 16 elimination.

The event will feature new rules.

The most important will occur in the final three minutes as any goal scored during that period, will result in the team being awarded two goals. This is called a ‘Guinness Goal’.

Similarly, each team will only be allowed two fouls per half with the third infraction and every foul thereafter, resulting in a penalty kick being awarded to the opposition.

Also, if any player intentionally kicks the ball outside of the arena, based on the judgement of the referee, that individual will have to leave the match for three minutes, effectively reducing their team to three players for that period.

In addition, the losing eight teams in the round of 16 section will face-off for $60,000 in an elimination tournament that will conclude on the night of the grand finale.

The other playing dates are Thursday, Saturday, November 30th, December 2nd, 5th, 7th, 9th and 16th. The other venues that will be utilised are Albouystown, Burnham Court, National Cultural Center and Demerara Park.

Lee Baptiste, Guinness Brand Manager, declared, that the event is testimony to the company’s commitment to organizing programmes in the communities.

He noted that street football has been an avenue to identify talent in the world especially in England, noting, “Banks DIH Limited remains committed to social activities in the communities. I wish all the teams the best of luck and show that your community is made of more.”

Colours Boutique representative, Creanna Damon, during brief remarks said that her company was once again proud to be associated with the tournament.

Rawle Welch, representative of tournament coordinators Three Peat Promotions, thanked the company for the affording his organization the opportunity to coordinate the tournament, declaring that the record number of team submissions for the recently concluded playoff section, indicates that the event is growing in popularity.

Welch added that he expects a very competitive tournament, affirming that many of the teams, possess the necessary talent to emerge victorious.

Winner of the overall event will walk-away with $500,000 and the championship trophy along with automatic qualification for the National Playoffs.

They will also receive champion uniforms for their participation in the National Playoffs. This will be afforded to all zone winners.

Similarly, the event winner will also secure a community based project that will be funded by Banks DIH Limited.

The runner-up, third and fourth placed finishers will receive $250,000, $200,000 and $100,000 respectively. The event is also sponsored by Colours Boutique

Guinness ‘Greatest of the Streets’ Georgetown 2017 Group Fixtures

Day-1-East Ruimveldt-(California Square) – November 22nd

Bad-A-Yard vs GTI-Ballers-19:00hrs

Broad Street vs Stabroek Ballers-19:30hrs

Albouystown-B vs Rising Stars-20:00hrs

North East La Penitence vs Kingston-20:30hrs

West Front Road vs Smyth Street-21:00hrs

North Ruimveldt vs Judgement Yard-21:30hrs

Festival City vs New Market Street-22:00hrs

Channel-9 vs Gaza Squad-22:30hrs

California Square vs Queen Street Tigerbay-23:00hrs

Sparta Boss vs Ol Skool Ballers-23:30hrs

Day-2-East Ruimveldt-(California Square)-Thursday 23rd

Kingston vs New Market Street-19:00hrs

Albouystown-A vs GTI Ballers-19:30hrs

Bent Street vs Norton Street-20:00hrs

Leopold Street vs Bad-A-Yard-20:30hrs

Tucville vs Sophia Bullies-21:00hrs

Ol Skool vs Gaza Squad-21:30hrs

Alexander Village vs Upsetters-22:00hrs

East Front Road vs Future Stars-22:30hrs

Back Circle vs Trap Squad-23:00hrs

Guinness ‘Greatest of the Streets’ Georgetown 2017 Group Assignments

Group-A-Sparta Boss, Channel-9 Warriors, Ol Skool Ballers and Gaza Squad.

Group-B-Leopold Street, Albouystown-A, Bad-a-Yard and GTI Ballers.

Group-C-North East La Penitence, Festival City, New Market Street and Kingston.

Group-D-Back Circle, Albouystown-B, Trap Squad and Rising Stars.

Group-E-Gold is Money, North Ruimveldt, Smythe Street and Judgement Yard.

Group-F-Broad Street, Queen Street Tiger Bay, California Square and Stabroek Ballers.

Group-G-Tucville, Bent Street, Sophia Bullies and Norton Street.

Group-H-Future Stars, Alexander Village, Upsetters and East Front Road.


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