GFF moves to have greater control over tournaments

In an effort to regulate and control football the Guyana Football Federation (GFF) has engaged the support of the Guyana Police Force (GPF) to ensure permits for tournaments are only granted following the GFF’s approval.

According to an official release from the GFF, “This entails a promoter getting an approval letter from the GFF, which is given to the police in the respective division in which the tournament is being held before the police authorizes the said tournament. This initiative follows the actions of some who coordinate tournaments without the secured prize money and other logistical arrangements in place and without the clear guideline and oversight of the federation.”

President of the Wayne Forde said, “While it is important that the footballers are given an opportunity to play as much football as possible, these events must take place in a regulated environment. In particular, the GFF Executive Committee’s Constitutional mandate is to control the game in all its forms. As the final adjudicator in all football matters, the GFF has to ensure that the rules, officiating, security etc. comply with the regulations of FIFA, CONCACAF and the GFF. In 2018, tournament organizers will have to undergo greater screening prior to being licensed and approved to organize football competitions.”

Among the primary concerns of the GFF is the impact of non-approval on the image of the beautiful game with the potential disrepute that may result including match fixing and other forms of manipulation. This potentially can ultimately lead to an unsafe environment for players and fans including loss to life and limb.

“The GFF looks forward to the complete cooperation from the promoters and coordinators of football in Guyana and will provide all necessary support to ensure full compliance is achieved” the document concluded.

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