Joint winner named in Linden Futsal

-after heavy rain, crowd encroachment

The New Era Entertainment/ Mohamed Enterprise Futsal Championship, was jointly awarded to NK Ballers and Hard-Knocks/ Board Money on Tuesday, following a combination of heavy rainfall and crowd encroachment at the Mackenzie Sports Club (MSC) Hard-Court, Linden.

With the score locked 10-10 at the conclusion of normal time, the organizers of the tournament, New Era Entertainment, following consultation with both teams, decided to jointly award the championship.

This was primarily done because of the heavy rainfall that inundated the playing area, rendering it dangerous for the players to continue the matchup and because of the spectators that occupied several sections of the playing surface.

The first place award of $500,000 as well as the second place monies of $150,000, were merged for a total of $650,000, with both teams receiving $325,000.

Prior to the stoppage, Kenard Simon led NK Ballers with a hat-trick, while Joel McKinnon and Donovan Francis recorded two goals each. Netting one goal respectively were Keon Sears, Rawle Gittens and Deon Charter.

On the other side, Dexroy Adams bagged a helmet-trick, while Randy Small tallied a hat-trick. Scoring one goal each were Clive Nobrega, Trenton Lashley and Ray Bobsemple respectively.

Meanwhile, Silver Bullets riddled Spaniards 15-9 to walk-away with third place. Deshawn Freeman and Jamaine Samuels scored five goals apiece, while Damion Williams and Clifton Alley recorded two goals each.

Adding one goal was Robin Adams. For Spaniards, siblings Benjamin and Kenneth Opara tallied a helmet-trick and a hat-trick respectively. Recording a double was Curtez Kellman.

With the win, Silver Bullets walked away with $50,000, while Spaniards pocketed a trophy.

Complete Results


NK Ballers-10 vs Hard Knocks/Board Money-10

NK Scorers

Kenard Simon-3

Joel McKinnon-2

Donovan Francis-2

Keon Sears-1

Rawle Gittens-1

Deon Charter-1

Hard Knocks/Board Money Scorers

Dexroy Adams-4

Randy Small-3

Clive Nobrega-1

Trenton Lashley-1

Ray Bobsemple-1

 3rd Place

Silver Bullets-15 vs Spaniards-9

Silver Bullets Scorers

Deshawn Freeman-5

Jamaine Samuels-5

Damian Williams-2

Clifton Alley-2

Robin Adams-1

Spaniards Scorer

Benjamin Opara-4

Kenneth Opara-3

Curtez Kellman-2

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