Netrockers Coach Eyon Wills (left) receiving a donation from Daniel Pemberton, Manager of S&L Electrical Store

In an effort to aid Netrockers’ preparation for the ongoing GT Beer Football Championship, SL Electrical Store made a timely donation to the Linden-based club.

The undisclosed financial donation was received by coach Eyon Wills following a presentation by Manager of S&L Electrical Store, Daniel Pemberton.

According to a release from the club, “Netrockers Football Club is currently in the final Four of the tournament and is touted as the team likely to win based on the brand of football they have been playing this season. With the return of Mr. Eyon Wills as the team coach after taking a break from football, the team has since regained its dominance in local football.”

The release further added, “The team is currently tied with Eagles United Football Club at the top of the points standings in the UDFA domestic league, with an unbeaten record of 12 points from four games.”

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