Top Brandz quits football classic

-after Popcaan hitch

Top Brandz representative Marvin Wray (right), addressing the media gathering in the presence of another company representative at the press conference yesterday

Top Brandz Distributors under its Corona Beer brand, has severed ties with the Guyana Football Federation’s (GFF) Year-end Football Classic.

The primary reason for the company rescinding its involvement with the tournament, occurred after the two entities failed in their attempts to solicit the services of Jamaican dancehall artiste Popcaan, for the January 1st finale.

Company representative, Marvin Wray during a press conference yesterday at the company’s headquarters said, “Everything did not fall into place, some matters came up that could not have validated our presence in the organization of the event anymore. We (Top Brandz) had promised you the people of the country to bring Popcaan for the final of the event. We have done everything we possibly could to have that in place, we’ve tried to do as much as we could, but the partnership that we had, it has not materialized on some ends. We are forced now to remove ourselves from this event.”

Allegedly, the initial agreement between the two parties required a 50-50 split of the expenses. Top Brandz declared that they were ready to fulfill their half of the obligation. Attempts to contact the GFF for comment proved futile.

Meanwhile, Wray disclosed, “We will work closely with smaller organizations and the GFF in the future, but immediately at the moment as it is, we will not be taking further part in the tournament.”

He affirmed, “We deeply regret any issues or problems that may have arisen, it is with a sad and heavy heart because Popcaan is also a personal favourite of mine, we want to give you, the Guyanese public the best that you can get, we want to give you value for your dollar and if we believe at some time or the other things will not generate in a certain direction, we have to take a step back and give you what you deserve.”

“I implore of anybody out there; if you have an idea or concept that you think can benefit football or the sport fraternity, come visit us at Top Brandz and we can work something out because at the end of the day we believe that the future depends on you”, he added.

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