In this week’s column, we will discuss the benefits of green tea and tips to get rid of love handles.

If you’re not a tea drinker, maybe you should be. But not just any tea. I’m talking about green tea.

Green tea is an effective supplement to help burn fat because it contains catechins. This chemical compound can boost metabolism in a big way.

For example, in one study, people consumed 690 mg of catechins a day for 12 weeks. They lost body weight, reduced waist circumference, and dropped body fat. Sounds pretty good, right? Can green tea really help you?

Yes. Catechins in green tea stimulate metabolism and keep your body burning fat for energy, a process called thermogenesis, for longer periods of time. And that’s exactly what you want when you’re trying to lose weight to improve your health, or drop those last few pounds of fat during a cutting phase.


Green tea drinks and supplements

If you want to tap into the fat-burning power of green tea, give it a try. Just keep in mind that green tea supplements typically have a higher concentration of catechins than a drink. Combining the two may work better for you.

Weight loss and metabolism might be the biggest benefits of green tea. But it’s not the only benefit. Green tea contains antioxidants and nutrients that help:


  • Support brain function


  • Burn fat and increase metabolism


  • Lower the risk for certain types of cancer


  • Kill harmful bacteria in the mouth


  • Reduce the risk for Type 2 diabetes


  • Cut the risk for heart disease


So if you are looking for a drink that can help you complete a transformation, green tea can help. I drink my green tea with pure honey from Kuru Kuru as a sweetener.

Love handles and how to get rid of them contrary to the name, nobody likes love handles and getting rid of them is not exactly an easy task for most.

In fact, for most individuals I’ve worked with it seems that getting rid of love handles and belly fat is usually the hardest thing. It’s not as simple as just working out, love handles are the excess fat around your belly and lower back and these are typically the first places you put fat on and the last places you lose it.

How unfair is that?!

Anyway, I have some good news. Here is a quick list of things to help you get rid of love handles:


Do more deadlifts and squats

These two exercises give you the most bang for your buck when it comes to fat burning, hormone manipulation, and packing on lean muscle mass which boosts your resting metabolism. Make sure to do ten sets of each.


Fasted cardio

Cardio as soon as you wake up gives you a chance to dip right into fat stores and start the day off with a fat burning vengeance.


Flexible fasting and HIIT combined

The combination of flexible fasting and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is epic.

This fat loss super hack combines the incredible fat burning effects of HIIT and intermittent fasting.

HIIT can boost your metabolism for up to 24 hours post exercise, and flexible fasting has dramatic weight loss effects and allows you to eat your favourite foods when you are in your eating window.

Shorten rest time between sets in the gym By shortening your rest times in the gym you are combining an anaerobic and aerobic activity and burning more calories. Keep your workouts short and intense and those love handles have no chance


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