There is absolutely no need to avoid or fear certain types of foods. I always hear people say things like: ‘I went out to dinner last night and ate such and such. Is that bad for me?’

Or I might hear something like: ‘Emmerson, I know I won’t lose weight this week. I had a piece of pizza on the weekend.’

Just the other day, I was out for lunch with a friend. I had a Zinger from KFC, some fried chicken, a biscuit and other things. So anyway, my friend sees the Zinger (with mayonnaise) and says to me: ‘Man, if I ate that I would seriously wake up about five pounds heavier.’

I then went into the bathroom and silently banged my head against the wall. Lol, I didn’t really do that.

What I did do was explain to her that the only possible way she would gain weight would be if she was in a surplus of calories that day. A single meal, in this case a burger, would not be the reason she would gain weight.

When it comes to body composition, your total caloric intake is the most important thing. Period. When it comes to losing weight, it’s the opposite; your total caloric deficit is the important thing.

The foods you choose to eat are really personal preference. As long as you are hitting your calorie and macronutrient targets, and also ensuring you’re getting adequate micronutrients, your food choices are largely irrelevant.

Eat in a way that’s going to be both sustainable and enjoyable.

Fat vs fat

You can see that half a small avocado has the same amount of calories as only 1 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil. You can also see that their fat content is pretty similar, however their fibre content and size/weight varies greatly.

This is why I choose whole fats over consuming oils in my meals. The fibre, water and nutrient content of fats such as avocados keeps me fuller for longer, and helps to satiate me more. When cooking with oil or even drizzling it over salads, it is very easy for the fat and calories to add up very fast due to its concentration.

Now this is not to say I never consume oil, of course I do when I eat out or I have a meal someone else has made me, but I don’t consume it daily. I don’t believe oil is the devil. I just prefer other choices of fats. To each his/her own though, I know everyone has different preferences. I am just sharing what works for me. What is your view on this? Feel free to email me at the address above.


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