Passion Fruit Sauce

Although we get a wide variety of fruits throughout the year because of our tropical climate, there are certain times of the year when some fruits plentiful more than others. For the past 3 months, and continuing, up and down the region, vines have been laden with bulbous passion fruit.

Passion fruit is tart with underlying sweetness and can be used in a variety of ways. We mostly use it in desserts and to make drinks – with and without alcohol. They make really good fruity-rummy cocktails. While many dessert recipes incorporate the fruit into a mixture, today’s recipe highlights the fruit as a dessert sauce. By this I mean a sauce that can be spooned over puddings, ice cream, cakes etc.

The sauce is very easy to make – add the pulp and sugar to a pot and bring to a boil cooking for a certain period of time. The amount of sugar you add to the pulp will be dependent on how sweet or tart you want the sauce to be. When first mixed together as they heat up, I find the mixture tastes as if it has the right amount of sugar, however, when it cools, settles and concentrates, the….