Watermelon & Moscato Wine Cooler (Photo by Cynthia Nelson)

The holidays are looming. It is the time of year when we raise our glasses to toast each other and the season. Here’s a cooler that is sure to give a buzz with sweet fruitiness. Make it for brunch or anytime you want to sit back and put your feet up.

You only need two ingredients for this drink, three if you count the ice. Mix a large pitcher and put it to chill, serve very cold or with ice.


  • Watermelon juice (see notes)
  • Moscato

Add equal amounts of juice and wine to a large pitcher, stir and refrigerate until very cold.


  • To make watermelon juice – remove rind and seeds of watermelon and chop into large chunks; puree in a blender, until smooth. Pass through a sieve for a smooth juice.
  • The quantity for mixing is only a suggestion, add more or less of either ingredient to suit your taste.
  • To make the ice with frozen mint – add washed mint leaves to ice trays, fill the trays with water and freeze hard. To serve – plop into drink just before serving.

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