Caring for your fresh flower arrangements

Last week I rescued approximately a dozen or more new plants that people received for Mother’s Day and did not know what to do to save them after they started to turn yellow.  I repotted all of them as the soil was holding too much water.   They are all in recovery.

Flowers often brighten up any room and cheer up everyone.  Often, you can see both male and female shoppers buying fresh flowers for special occasions, or just to say sorry or to cheer someone up. A lot of fresh flower arrangements were sold on Mother’s Day.

Here are a few tips which would help your flowers to last longer.

If your flowers came wrapped in a sleeve the first thing to do is to get a glass jar or a vase and wash it clean.  Fill the jar or vase with half water and add a packet of Flower Food to it.  Snip the bottom of the flowers with a pair of sharp scissors or a knife, then place the flowers in the jar or vase.

If you do not have Flower Food an aspirin would do.  Just add the aspirin to the vase with water.  Remember to change the water every other day and to cut back the flowers also.  Make sure you wash the jar or vase too.

If your flowers came as an arrangement add a packet of the Flower Food or an aspirin to the container.  Drain off the water every two days and add fresh water and Flower Food to the container.  This would help your flowers to last longer.

Depending on the variety of flowers you can get 5 to 10 days from your flowers.

Until next week, Happy Gardening!

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