The Begonia commonly called Shell Rose was first discovered in Brazil by a Franciscan Monk, Charles Plumier in 1690, who named it after his favourite Botanist Michael Begon.

Begonias spread to Europe in the 18th century, first to Berlin, Germany and then to England.

The Chinese use it to make medicine.

Begonias come in two tones of pink as well as red and white. It has small flowers and is one of the most popular plants for a flower garden.

There are more than 1,200 species and hybrids of this tropical and sub-tropical plant. Basically, there are three types:

Fibrous Begonias which include Wax and Angel Wings;

Rhizomatous types with showy foliage and small flowers:

Tuberous Begonias with large flowers that look like small roses when fully open.

All of these have been hybridized; some are grown for their beautiful foliage while others are grown for their showy flowers.

Plant Begonias outdoors or as potted plants. Remember that this’s stems are soft, so water sparingly. Fertilize with Miracle Gro All Purpose Plant Food once per month.

Until next week, Happy Gardening.

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