Michelle ‘Big Red’ King is back and slaying with two of her latest singles, “Women On The Move” featuring Shaundelle ‘JP’ Alleyne and “Road March”.

‘Big Red,’ as she is popularly known, is also set to release “I Don’t Care If Meh Husband Call” for Easter. She explained that her almost four-year hiatus was a result of a surgery done after which she spent time recuperating.

“I came up with the song ‘Women On The Move’, because of the jobs women are taking; jobs that were years ago considered only for men. I wanted to do a song that would empower women and make an impact on the way we treat each other as women,” the Soca artiste said.

“Road March”, on the other hand was done for this year’s Republic anniversary and was written by her son, Jonathan ‘Lil Red’ King.

Michelle ‘Big Red’ King

Both songs have since been released on YouTube and Facebook and have been getting great reviews. In three days “Women On The Move” had 20,000 views from viewers across Guyana, the Caribbean, Canada, London and the US.

“People from all over have been calling me for the contents of the song; people loving it and commenting that they do,” the songstress said.

‘Big Red’ and Shaundelle ‘JP’ Alleyne, who collaborated on a song together.

The songs have also been released on the radio, specifically the FM stations, 94.1, 93.1, 98.1 and 90.1, with “Women On The Move” being released on March 8 in commemoration of  International Women’s Day.

“I Don’t Care If Meh Husband Call” ‘Big Red’ explained was not supposed to be held back until now but should have been the first song released. “I had intended to go back into Soca. When I started enquiring, I found out that the Soca competition had been cancelled. The song will now be released for Easter.”

On Mash Day, ‘Big Red’ participated in the celebrations gyrating to ‘Road March’ with the Ministry of Social Protection’s band.

Apart from her music, ‘Big Red’ hosts her own radio programme called ‘Big Red Entertainment Hour’ every Wednesday on 98.1 FM from 8 pm to 9p m. She also co-hosts with DJ Malachi on ‘Vizion Sounds Music and Information Hour’ on 94.1 FM every Sunday from 9 pm to 10 pm.

“I’m also an active member of Women Across Differences (WAD) as well as an active member and PRO of FACES [Fight Against Sickle Cell Stigma],” she revealed.

WAD, she explained, is a non-governmental organisation that assists women and teenage mothers to return to the school system in order to complete their education or place them in other programmes to provide them with skills or assisting them in getting jobs.

FACES, she added, helps sickle cell patients who have trouble getting their medications. She also mentioned that some of these same persons are accused by hospital staff of being addicted to the medication, one common one being morphine.

The struggle is real for people like these and ‘Big Red’ hopes to bring about awareness of such struggles and helping to give people who are stigmatized a voice.

“Women On The Move” and “Road March” can be also found at Vizion Sounds Record Website, iTunes and Amazon Spotify.

“Thank you to Vizion Sounds, Heat Wave Band, Troy, Akeem, Bravo from Jamaica, Lil Red, Mr Walter Fraser, Gail Vieira, Brandon John, Shaundelle Alleyne, Amna Ally [Minister of Social Protection] for sponsoring the video and all the persons who participated in the video. I want to say thank you to all my fans and those who would have shared on Facebook and YouTube,” she said.



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