African heritage pageant to be staged during African roots week

Auditions are being done for a pageant that is being touted as ‘one of a kind’ as it caters for three category of persons – teenagers, young adults and seniors – who will all use the same stage over a three-day period to face off for the three crowns.

Persons of African heritage and are interested in being part of the Mr. & Ms. Guyana African Roots pageant can be part of the audition that starts today and continues tomorrow at Queen’s College.

The pageant allows persons from age 13 to age 50 to enter one of the pageant categories: Teen (13-19), Young Adults (20-34) and Seniors (35-50).

Part of the criteria for the audition is, a one minute introduction, one minute talent piece and spot questions about your personality.

The pageant which had its first run in 2013 will be having its third pageant since then owing to shortage of funding. In actuality the first pageant was called Mr Guyana African Roots pageant as it catered for just men, since women were catered for by other pageants. However, the second pageant which was last year saw both the teenagers of both sexes running for Mr or Ms Guyana African Roots.

This year the team decided to broaden the pageantry catering for the young adults and seniors.

All three pageants are slated for August and leading up to the big nights will be a week of activities at Theatre Guild. The Theatre Guild will be transformed into an Afro-centric centre from August 7 to 13. The public will be treated to a week of African delights: debate competition, African food fest and concert, fashion show and art exhibition, dance competition and production. The three categories of pageants will be held over the last three days.

Also during that week of activities a Broadway-style play titled Georgie Boy will be on. Georgie Boy is a merger between the African and Indian-Guyanese cultures and how they came to Guyana.

“The goal is to re-awaken a sense of African pride and appreciation among the citizens of Guyana and the wider diaspora. The objectives are to sensitize and educate the general public on African history and culture, involve our African brothers and sisters in the revival of our dying culture and to make these series of events an annual African week,” coordinator of Mr and Ms Guyana African Roots Kelton Jennings said.

Some of the other team members are: Paul Charles, Lisa Punch, Meleesa Payne and the reigning Mr Guyana African Roots, Paul Meusa. Three of the judges already confirmed are Paul Charles, Lisa Punch and designer Randy Madray.

Selected persons from the audition will be expected to pay a fee which comes with a package.

Jennings, who is from Unique Arts teams up with Brian Roberts, of Honest Illusion to make the week of activities a reality.

The prizes for the pageants are: $100,000 (teen), $150,000 (young adults) and $200,000 (seniors).

Auditions are from 11 am to 2 pm on both days.

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