Fourteen vying to be last ten in Miss Guyana World pageant

Thamesha Watson

Fourteen gorgeous beauties are currently engaged in training and prelims for a chance to become one of the ten contestants in the Miss Guyana World finals in hopes of copping the coveted crown on coronation night come June 25 at the Marriott Hotel.

Of the 57 young women who applied, 32 passed the Miss Guyana Personality test with scores of 75 per cent and more. After two casting calls, a series of tryouts and another personality test, the 14 semi-finalists, who would have scored 75 per cent and above were selected.

They are referred to as the ‘Super G’s’ meaning Guyanese, Great, Good among other G’s.

In an interview, Franchise Holder Natasha Blu Martindale said, “Our philosophy is to ensure they become better versions of themselves…each girl competes against herself….she is her biggest competitor. Every young woman vying for the Miss Guyana title is expected to compete against herself in an effort to become her best self – well-rounded youth leader and role model. Once selected, the Top 10 finalists will undergo a series of personal development challenges which includes Sports/Fitness, Multimedia, Talent, Top Model and Beauty with a Purpose. Preliminary scores from these challenge events will be added to the final round on coronation night.”

She added that the Miss World Pageant is of high esteem and its system of doing things is totally different from other pageants. “Our semi-finalists are learning classical music, philosophy and formal dining etiquette….”

The ladies are engaging in intellectual discourses to kick start their ability to think for themselves and according to Natasha, “…seek answers for the big questions. We’re more of a movement than a pageant.”

The Miss Guyana World Organization is looking for a lady who manages her calendar well, someone who meets deadlines, submits paperwork on time, works well with others, has effective communication skills and has respect for herself and others. All of this plays vitally in choosing the next Miss Guyana World.

Natasha went to explain that before coronation night 80 per cent of scores will already be in and only the other 20 per cent are catered for pageant night. This she continued is to ensure that the ideal candidate is chosen to be an ambassador for Guyana.

At the same time the ladies are bonding and creating a sisterhood so whether they are crowned or not they would have improved on being better individuals.

Tonight the ladies will be at Cara Lodge each presenting their Beauty with a Purpose pitch that they have been assigned to then come May 26, ten ladies will be sashed and each assigned to one of Guyana’s ten administrative regions.

They will the following month be designated each to a booth along Main Street on June 23, to promote their Beauty With a Purpose Project as well as share with the public in a visual form.

The semi-finalists are: Ashana Carrington, Nitifah Thompson, Alieca James, Sharda Pramdeo, Hemwantie Seodat, Ariell Ghanie, Nikesia Hussain, Thamesha Watson, Maria Fletcher, Vena Mookram, Manisha Mai-Lee Wong, Crystal Wills, Delisha Wright, and Joelly Valentine.

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