Timehri Film Festival offers 26 films

Opened on May 31, the Timehri Film Festival (TFF) over the past few days has been showcasing a number of Guyanese and Caribbean films at various locations.

It began at Moray House with short packages from Guyanese Kojo McPherson, US-based Stefan Bristol, Chelsea and Amann Odufu also US-based and Karen Chapman who is Canada-based.

Kojo McPherson

This second edition of the film festival, set to conclude tomorrow evening, saw the films featured being presented by the Caribbean Film Academy and Rewind And Come Again.

The five-day festival also brought together filmmakers, film lovers and artists and featured 26 short films, representing 14 different countries.

TFF also partnered with Trinidad & Tobago’s Green Screen Environmental Film Festival and Iwokrama, to present a special screening of films highlighting environmental issues of particular significance to the Caribbean. The screenings were expected to be followed by a panel discussion with local environmental activists and media artists, as well as Carver Bacchus, founder and director of Green Screen.

These screenings were held at the Drop-In Centre in Sophia, the Berbice Women’s Prison, the Lusignan Men’s Prison, St Cuthbert’s Mission, the University of Guyana, and the Business School. They were designed to share the films with even wider audiences and provide opportunities for the use of film not only as a storytelling tool, but also as therapeutic tool.

McPherson’s featured film titled Adero, was shot on location in Guyana. It was made as a part of the Caribbean Film Project, and is the first of the initial four films made, to be completed. The festival also featured a collection of some of the best short and feature length films in and about the Caribbean. In addition to Adero the Guyana shorts section, also featured films by diaspora filmmakers of Guyanese heritage.

Apart from Moray House films are also featured at Dutch Bottle Café.

Directors whose films were screened also hailed from Trinidad & Tobago, Jamaica, Aruba, Grenada, Curacao, United Kingdom, Guadeloupe, Antigua & Barbuda, and US Virgin Islands.

The last screenings, tonight and tomorrow will be held at the Dutch Bottle Café.

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