‘Days like Dese’ back on television

GEMS Theatre Productions presents a new half an hour sitcom “Days Like Dese,” a family-oriented comedy that surrounds the Rupauls, a middle-class Guyanese family.

The sitcom inspects and highlights the complexities of family and community exchanges through blurred racial and social lens.

The sitcom with its intentionally diverse cast is said to be a reminder of how Guyanese connect. Viewers will see how youth and the older generation struggle to bridge generational and social gaps trying to recreate a bond between the two.

Producer, cast and writer on the red carpet

“Days Like Dese, was launched in May with the pilot episode on TVG 28 and NCNC 11. The first episode in Season One (from mid-June to December) was aired from June 29 to July 21. Episode 2 will be aired from July 28 to August 19.

The actors are Nurriyyih Gerrard, Mark Kazim, Ron Robinson, Lavonne George, Simone

Dowding, Kirk Jardine, Shevon Henry, Rajan Tiwari, Simone Persaud, Makayah Smith, Safira Abrahim-

Williams, Kailey Liverpool, Mark Luke-Edwards, Brian Goodman, Olivia Rodrigues, Paul Budnah and Joel Ghansham.

The Scene spoke with a few of the characters. Renowned actor Mark Kazim is David Rupaul, husband and father of three. He is a hard-working police officer who having been in the force a long time was promoted to the rank of inspector. He lives with his in-laws and next door to his annoying neighbour, Ram.

Rajan Singh, an actor who would have been in a number of plays including the Link Show and Nothing To Laugh About and is currently a part of the Merundoi radio serial drama, plays David’s nosy neighbour, Ramsingh Sharma, who turns up at the Rupauls whenever he feels like it and crashes all of their events.

Simone Dowding, an award-winning actress who has been in the performing arts for over 33 years, is Mabel, the housekeeper. Mabel is a strong-headed but kind woman who does not get along with her boss although she loves the Rupaul family. Mrs Rupaul, however, has given Mabel her own way on many occasions which results in arguments between her husband and the housekeeper. Playing Mabel, Simone said, allows her the opportunity to express herself in a different line.

Sixteen-year-old Makayah Smith, a student at the Bishops’ High School, plays the Rupaul’s 17-year-old son, Josh, an introvert most of the time, but has his times when he can get chatty.

The episode is written by Randolph Critchlow while the theme song’s lyrics were written by Kwasi ‘Ace’ Edmondson with music by Joel Brown. The play is directed by Randolph Critchlow and Gem Madhoo-Nascimento and produced by Gem as well.

The new sitcom is presented by GEMS Theatre Productions in collaboration with the Institute of Private Enterprise Development’s support for the Creative Industries and GTT. Other sponsors are ANSA McAl, Sankar’s Auto Works, the Environmental Protection Agency, Guyana Power and Light, the Ministry of Social Cohesion and Readymix Concrete.

Viewers will feel connected with this family as they journey with them, traversing terrains that may sometimes be considered controversial but always palatable. It is family oriented with a lot of educational information mixed with the comedy.

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