Rewattie Datt-DaCosta: How dance changed her life

Rewattie Datt-DaCosta has been thrilling one audience after another with dance for the past 22 years through Nrityageet and she is not done yet; in fact, she is even more enthused after her recent performance at Carifesta XIII in Barbados

“[Dance] gives me a chance to express my feelings in a way that words could not,” Rewattie said during an interview with The Scene.

This is how she feels now, but prior to 22 years ago, dance never came to mind.

According to the professional dancer, back then, she never danced or cared for it at all. That was all before she was nine years old and met Nadira Shah Berry (sister of Dr Seeta Shah Roath), one of the founding members of Nadira and Indranie Shah Dance Group better known as Nrityageet…..