Gavin Mendonca releases ‘Hung Up On Your Cross’

Gavin Mendonca

Artiste Gavin Mendonca has just released his second studio project through Kross Kolor Records – a four-song EP under the label ‘Hung Up On Your Cross’. The Christmas Rock version is unlike the usual Christmas Classics but with its added Creole flair, it will soon to become a classic of its own.

The 4-song Extended Play although it is being released during the holidays is not a typical Christmas record, but does revolve around the themes of the Christmas Spirit: Love, Family, Togetherness and Tradition. The word ‘Cross’ in the title symbolically represents the Christ Child, the reason for the season. For Gavin, it represents all of his dreams and ambitions which he intends on carrying with him forever in love and not as burdens.

The tract list begins with the title song “Hung Up On Your Cross” – it is about the feeling of Love at Christmas time. More specifically in the song, Gavin sings about the ultimate Christmas gift ‘falling in love with the girl of his dreams.’

The CD cover for Gavin Mendonca’s new release.

Second on the list, “Refuse To Go” is Gavin’s favourite which is influenced by the Guyanese folk song “Small Days”. Gavin who celebrates his birthday on Christmas Eve reminisced of boyhood days in this song where he always received two presents – one on his birthday and of course another for Christmas. This song reminds him of his carefree days when things seemed happier and nicer, with no responsibilities attached. In this song he humourously warns children to never grow up. The lyrics of “Refuse To Go” and it’s upbeat tempo rhythm is catchy and is just a taste of the remaining three.

“Cause Is Christmas” is a festive song Guyanese would have become familiar with as it was featured in Kross Kolor Records’ ‘Christmas With Us Vol. 2’.

And the final song “How To Build A Tree House” is really a bonus feature and a sneak peek into Gavin’s next full length studio album ‘Creole Rocks: Punks and Pirates’ which is set to be released in April of next year. During a recent visit to the Kaieteur Falls Gavin filmed a music video for this song; it is expected to be released next month.

A music video for title track “Hung Up On Your Cross” is currently in production and is set to be released before Christmas. For this video, Gavin has chosen to work along with Ransford Simon, who is also the Best Graduating Student for this year at ER Burrowes. The skillful Ransford has added his unique touches to create a video that is deemed to have never been created here in any production here in Guyana; this is the adding of Flip Art to video.

Mendonca uses this opportunity to encourage persons to be more supportive of Guyanese artistes’ talents and all the time, effort and most importantly, the love they would have put into the making of songs – “not for big money but for love and the satisfaction of accomplishing dreams.”

Right now, the digital album of ‘Hung Up On Your Cross’ can be purchased for US$4.99 by visiting

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