Believe it or not but my wallet hasn’t made way for trends this summer neither have I participated in  the spring cleaning ritual most fashionistas swear by. Since I live close to the beach I plan on spending the summer taking advantage of the sun. When you live in a cold place your appreciation for sunny days grows stronger and making a fuss about what to wear is just not one of the things on your priority list.

Aside from that fact, all trends seem to be repeating themselves. It is just the styling that seems to be different. Nevertheless, if you aren’t like me and every day is summer, here are the supposed trends to follow and rules to obey for 2017

Yellow the mellow

I sometimes feel sorry for people who feel uncomfortable wearing certain colours because they believe they don’t suit them. But I am definitely happy I’m not one of them. I love yellow. It’s a positive and striking colour. Even in the most minimalist style, a yellow anything is a guaranteed showstopper for any event, except maybe the office.


In any way, shape or form stripes seem to be a must, even when clashing with different stripe patterns or textures and not worn in a uniformed way.

One strap top

I feel like 16 seeing this again, a sad reminder that I am getting old. I think these are funky but they aren’t that exciting. Perhaps because I over did it with them when I was a young girl.

Waist cinchers/corsets

I hate this trend, mainly because I like to eat. I usually unbutton my pants at the dinner table because I always feel like I may burst. Anything that restricts me from enjoying a meal is a no. If you don’t have this problem, feel free to explore. It’s actually a cute trend

Khaki: the new black

Not many are fond of khaki, because if worn incorrectly it could come off as peasant-like (a look most people do not associate with). However, I think it’s an exceptional trend. It is perfect for people who aren’t obsessed with primary colours and florals aka every summer’s groundbreaking trend. Khaki is perfect for everyday looks and could be easily jazzed up for a night out with heels.

White shirt dress

I think every Caribbean woman should own a Meiling Kite dress. This is such a staple thing and Meiling has made one of the most iconic looking ones. So if you are going to get one get a Meiling one.

Banker-styled stripes

Depending on where you are, striped shirts in the summer can be either bad thing or a good thing. On occasion they could come off as too formal. I don’t think striped shirts are a bad staple to invest in though as they can be worn throughout different seasons. After all, they were inspired by Wall Street.


I saw popular Jamaican dancehall singer Ishawna rocking a robe a few days ago. Many people may think you are trying to create an impression of wanting to live ‘in foreign’ but most of the robes trending are actually extremely lightweight and made of breathable fabrics. I guess they are not so bad, after all night dew is actually bad for you. Better to keep covered at night.

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