Lucky Wedding Expo couple to enjoy $3 million prize

Winners of this year’s Race To The Altar, the most popular feature of the annual Roraima Airways Company -staged Wedding Expo will benefit from collective contributions to their ‘dream wedding’ from some of the most prominent service providers in the business community valued at more than $3 million, Stabroek Business has been informed.

The couple will tie nuptials in the presence of 50 at a ceremony at the Roraima Duke Lodge Hotel on Saturday March 24th and the costs associated with the reception for the invited guests will also be covered as part of the $3 million layout.

Roraima Airways Human Resources Manager Nadine Moore told Stabroek Business during an interview on Tuesday that the success of the Wedding Expo, now in its 10th year was due in no small measure to the success realized by Roraima Airways in recruiting various other local companies into a collaborative corporate initiative. On Wednesday, Moore named King’s Jewellery World, John Lewis Styles, Tessa’s Creations and House of Pearson among the various local companies committed to making particular contributions to the wedding.

Whereas conventional weddings are largely private events, the Wedding Expo couple will not only be subjected to the glare of public scrutiny but will also have the ceremony for their wedding broadcast live on NCN.

And according to Moore, a number of other spinoffs have accrued for the various vendors who have been providing services at the Wedding Expo over the years. She told Stabroek Business that many of those vendors had benefitted from the exposure afforded by their involvement in the Wedding Expo by being able to “move on” with their businesses.

Meanwhile, Moore endorsed the view expressed by Roraima Airways Chief Executive Officer Gerry Gouveia that recent moves to amend the Marriage Act to reduce the amount of lead time necessary for visiting couples to tie nuptials in Guyana was a step in the right direction pointing out that the decision opens the way for Guyana to seek to get to the level already reached by other Caribbean territories as high-quality regional wedding destinations.

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