GMC initiative pushing local cereals, porridge preparations

With the country’s major food outlets now – perhaps more than ever before – swamped with an overabundance of regional and extra-regional cereals and porridge preparations, the Ministry of Agriculture says that the Guyana Marketing Corporation’s Robb and Alexander streets Guyana Shop is being pressed into service in an effort to accelerate the popularization of similar local foods.

Earlier this week the Ministry issued a release announcing that the GMC had launched “a series of promotional events” as part of what it described as an “eat local initiative.” It said that the first staging of the event took place recently at the Bourda Post Office during which visitors were informed of a range the range of flours and   porridge mixes that are available at the Guyana Shop.

Initiatives of this kind have proved less than successful in the past on account of lackluster promotional exercises, though, in this instance, the GMC’s Marketing Officer Omalita Balgobin is quoted in the Ministry’s media release as saying that this time around the agency is determined “to promote the utilization of locally manufactured porridge products among a targeted group of the populace” …with a view to “increasing  the sale of porridge mixes for existing brands and increase brand awareness for newer brands.”….