Differences over ExxonMobil contract should not impede readiness for oil and gas – Lincoln Lewis

-Kaizen, Apollo Global providing training with Critchlow Centre

Apollo Global’s Kevin Durham and Critchlow Labour College Principal Ivor English

Last week’s delivery of a two-day preliminary course in oil and gas at the Critchlow Labour College marks the inaugural initiative of the Critchlow Labour College in pursuit of the establishment of a Critchlow Centre for Oil and Gas, according to the Secretary to the College’s Board of Directors Lincoln Lewis.  

“The Critchlow Labour College, from inception, has been seeking to provide workers’ education aimed at building labour’s capacity to perform at the workplace and be productive stewards of society. 

It is for this reason a decision has been taken for the establishment of the Critchlow Centre for Oil and Gas,” Lewis, on Thursday told the class of twenty-five young participants assembled for the inaugural programme…..