Vision, values and a garage jack

– The story of Reyead Auto Service

Reyead Shadeek and a colleague at work

Reyead Shadeek believes that poor customer service has contributed significantly to undermining the reputation of the motor mechanical industry and he wants to do something about it. So he has set himself the task of offering a service that is competent, reliable and does not ask his customers to ‘pay through their noses.’ It may sound far-fetched but that is Reyead’s ambition. There are countless mechanic workshops in Guyana but car owners still complain about a lack of professionalism, dishonesty, overcharging and unreliability. Those who understand the industry would be aware that that is a

difficult assertion to challenge. So that what Reyead says he wants to do is to “earn a decent income by offering customers a service that is honest, convenient, dependable, and affordable.” Again, people can hardly be faulted for being skeptical about that pronouncement. 

 Reyead says that the vision behind Reliable Automotive Service was born when he was seven years old. It was tied to a promise that he had made to his dying mother to ‘take care’ of his younger brother. His primary school years were spent with an aunt in Matthews Ridge and at the age of 10 he was sent to Georgetown to live with his grandmother…..