Marketing management: The role of packaging and labeling in product promotion and sales marketing and sales of a product

A locally produced and packaged condiment

Editor’s note: With effect from this issue the Stabroek Business will be publishing occasional features that have a direct bearing on the marketing of goods and services produced by local small businesses. The features will be based on our own research and on relevant information contributed in pieces sent to us by contributors. The pieces will only be used if we are satisfied that they seek genuinely to contribute to the furtherance of the growth of the small business sector.

The information contained in this article is based on an edited version of an article titled `The role of packaging in marketing and sales of a product’ published by marketing professional Hitesh Bhasin in February 2018.

By Hitesh Bhasin

One of the most important elements in the Marketing mix is Promotions. And lately, packaging has become a strong element of the Marketing mix. Some say it should fall under Promotions because it helps in attracting attention for the product. Others say, it serves a much higher purpose than only promotions and hence the argument is that packaging can become the 5th P of the marketing mix. Nonetheless, we feel the role of packaging is very important in Marketing and sales.

Here are a set of crucial roles that packaging plays in an organization or for the product.

Information and self- service for the customer

One of the first roles that packaging plays, especially in new products launches, is the information provided on the packaging. This information can tell the consumer how to cook the food product, how to use a technology product or it can lay out procedures and precautions necessary during the use of the product. The role of packaging is to convey the information to the customer…..