September Trade & Investment event targeting buyers from Americas, Europe

Guytie emissaries: Chevon Lim, George Singh and Tameka Sukdeo-Singh

A joint public/private sector initiative is pulling out the stops to expand the country’s export profile and attract investment into the country through the staging of the September 19 – 22 Guyana Trade and Investment Exhibition (GUYTIE) at the Marriott Hotel in Kingston. 

Stabroek Business understands that in order to benefit from a suitably high level of organizational expertise GUYTIE has secured the services of the Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturers Association and the Jamaica Promotions Corporation (JAMPRO), regarded in the region as being among the best in the business. 

Earlier this week the Stabroek Business benefitted from a briefing on plans for the forthcoming event by a three-member team from the Ministry of Business led by Administrator Tameka Sukdeo-Singh and including George Singh of the Trinidad and Tobago company Southex and Chevon Lim who is serving as a Consultant to the event.

While the event is still more than two months away Stabroek Business has been informed that what is likely to be the most energetic public/private sector initiative yet to raise the profile of locally produced manufactured goods on the regional and international markets has already been favoured with initial expressions of interest from neighbouring Brazil and that the event will seek to target buyers and investors from select target markets including CARICOM, North America, Latin America, and Europe. 

According to Sukdeo-Singh whilst GUYTIE is not intended to replace the long-serving GUYEXPO, the idea behind the new initiative is to create a more convivial environment in which export-ready entities in Guyana can interface with international buyers. The Ministry of Business official told this newspaper that it was likely that the two events would be held on an annual basis, alternately. 

 Sukdeo-Singh told Stabroek Business that setting aside GUYTIE’s role in preparing and promoting export-ready firms to export markets the event was also seeking to, more generally, highlight Guyana as a destination for business. 

Sukdeo-Singh said, meanwhile, that while the event would take account of the likely public appeal, September 20th and 21st was being set aside to enable interface between potential buyers and sellers whilst September 22 was intended for public attendance.  

Cognizant of the fact that potential buyers are likely to be influenced as much by product presentation as by product quality the organizers will be providing prior sensitization sessions in various aspects of product presentation including labeling and packaging.  

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