Georgetown Chamber Business Forum opens today: No ‘talk shop’ – Indar

Business Minister Dominic Gaskin

Seized, it seems, with a renewed sense of urgency arising out of the limited results secured so far from efforts to grow the entrepreneurial profile of much of the local business sector, the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI) will, beginning this morning, stage a forum which Chamber President Deodat Indar has told Stabroek Business will seek to bring businesses and business support institutions together in an effort in an effort to ensure that such support services as are required to optimize business growth are placed at the disposal of both established and emerging entrepreneurs.

The event, which is being staged against the backdrop of sustained criticism of both public and private sector efforts which, up until now, have yielded far from sufficient in the way of transformative action is, according to Indar, intended to bring both large and small businesses together with a broad range of business support organizations that are ideally positioned to offer them practical support “in ways that address their particular needs.”

 While the programme for the event itemizes presentations by a number of speakers including Minister of Business Dominic Gaskin, Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) Country Representative Sophie Makonnen and officials of both state and non-state organizations, Indar told Stabroek Business that care has been taken to ensure that the forum is not dominated by speeches. “This will definitely not be a talk shop. We expect that much of the time will be taken up with practical interaction that will lead in a positive direction as far as the growth and improvement of the businesses attending the forum is concerned,” Indar told Stabroek Business. ….