GMC offering ‘street marketing’ opportunities for agro processors

Local soaps on sale outside the Robb and Camp Streets Republic Bank on Wednesday

With both the public and private sectors now seemingly focused on stepping up the pace of efforts to expand both the domestic and external markets for agro-processed products, local agro processors have been granted yet another of a number of modest openings to go beyond the established outlets in their quest to take their products to a limited local market.

Beginning last week, the Guyana Marketing Corporation (GMC) began offering limited space on the grass verge outside the Camp and Robb streets premises of the Republic Bank to market what they produce.

The display and sale opportunity is being offered to two agro processors, simultaneously, every Wednesday and display their offerings to the hundreds of people who pass that way daily; and if the experience is not likely to be a life-changing one in business terms for the beneficiaries, it provides, at least, a likely one-day windfall, just the sort of experience that might send spirits soaring and serve as a long sought after take-off point for the small businesses involved…..