Still no details of foreign companies coming for GUYTIE

With just over two weeks to go before the staging of the much-talked about Guyana Trade and Investment Exhibition (GUYTIE) the organizers earlier this week released a statement declaring that the event is now completely “sold out” but are still vague on the likely extent of participation in the event by foreign buyers for manufactured products and other locally produced goods.

GUYTIE has been plugged as a public/private sector initiative designed to elevate efforts to find external markets above the level achieved by the long-serving GUYEXPO which the organizers of the current initiative say have brought only limited rewards. However, while this week’s release from the organizers says that the September 19-22 event, billed for the Marriott Hotel will attract participation from “more than sixty exhibitors” it provides rather less specificity on likely overseas participation asserting only that “buyers” for the event have registered from “around the globe, from as far away as India and Korea” as well as from “Trinidad & Tobago, Belize, Haiti, Barbados, Jamaica, Cuba and Brazil.” These foreign companies, the release said, “will be looking for avenues to interact with the business community in Guyana.”….

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