Déjà Vu? City’s $150M debt could see withdrawal of garbage disposal services

Is another city garbage crisis looming?

The capital’s two biggest waste disposal companies, Cevons Waste Management and Puran Brothers appear poised to take steps to press City Hall into making good on payments due to the two companies for services provided earlier this year, the debt now having reached a figure well in excess of $150 million dollars since government’s intervention last year to liquidate the more than $300 million owing to the two companies up to that time.

On Monday, during a media tour to the Haag Bosch Landfill Site on the East Bank Demerara which is being managed jointly by the two companies, Cevons Waste Management Chief Executive Officer, Morse Archer demonstrated clear signs of frustration as he related what he says is City Hall’s “unchanging attitude” to doing business with its contractors. “I really don’t see how we can go on like this. There is a huge cost to running this service including equipment and workers’ salaries,” Archer told Stabroek Business…..

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