The Guyana Shop: An invaluable incubator for the local agro- processing sector

Agro-processing rising: Well stocked shelves at The Guyana Shop

In more ways than one The Guyana Shop continues to make its own robust contribution to the growth of Guyana’s agro processing industry. What is essentially a modest state run supermarket situated at the corner of Robb and Alexander streets, close to the hustle and bustle of Bourda Market, has taken on the task of being the flag bearer for the country’s ‘buy local’ clarion call. In circumstances where the country’s major supermarkets are still mostly inching towards embracing the aggressive promotion of local agro products, the Guyana Shop has made that the very purpose of its existence.

In a sense, its real success is reflected in the role it has played in creating a still modest but committed cadre of ‘buy local’ adherents, its range of products ranging from packaged tamarind balls, some of which appear in need of still more product refinement to sauces, seasonings jams and jellies, condiments and a rapidly increasing range of wines and beverages.

The Guyana Shop is no, elaborate, multi-aisled Shopping Plaza. But then that is not what it was fashioned to be. It is much more of an entrepreneurial cradle, a nursery that affords aspiring agro processors their first halting steps into the world of commerce…..

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