The delicious fragrance of a simmering pot of black-eyed peas cook-up will soon waft through our homes on Old Year’s night as Guyanese continue their comforting compulsory ritual for promised prosperity.

Yet we are still stunned, wherever we now reside, by the private threats to world peace, from watching the videos of our potty-tongued and partisan Parliamentarians forgetting their ‘peas and qs’ and audibly dropping “f” and other stink bombs on camera in the hallowed House after the biggest, historic shock vote in the country’s “peastime.” The quest for good, stable and accountable governance remains as elusive as decking the halls with decorum and dignity, consuming peas without a tell-tale stench projectile, and as discouragingly distant as a clean, clear-headed coalition, a non-corrupt, opportunistic Opposition, and national unity.

Following hours of publicly speaking their “peas,” most of the elected Members must have thought that the expected defeat of the no-confidence motion would have been the usual “peas of cake” but the Berbician representative Charrandas Persaud (CP) proved a real “peas of work” despite the insidious threats, audible abuse, and sharp elbows by those fearing a “cook-up conspiracy” turning the session into a compelling showing of “Masterpeas Theatre.”  There were deadly black looks indeed, but no physical black eyes thankfully…..

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