A few ladies of Linden….

… And single-parents and `Chile-Mudduhs’

I suppose that folks into their seventies and eighties experience two levels of behavioural responses to social events that they do not necessarily appreciate.

Some seasoned peaceful seniors are tolerant. They accept the modern circumstances, standards, occasions. Others like me (??) can get impatient, crotchety, and dismissive. My/our Bad!

I often become impatient with the numerous United Nations International Days – of – this or that. However I make annual exceptions for March 08, International Women’s Day. I accept this one-day recognition and celebration meant to ensure that womenfolk are respected for all the other days of every year. Sixteen (16) days ago our Guyana launched a series of impressive high profile events to celebrate the Ladies Day. Numerous luncheons, dinners, concerts and services were organized, well-attended and publicly reported. Two events really attracted my attention and congratulations.

The meaningful visit to the New Amsterdam Women’s Prison by the “Boom-Out”, no nonsense, down-to-earth Miner-Minister Simona Broomes must have resonated with both errant inmates and the Penitentiary Officials on that Day. If those convicted ladies don’t change their attitudes after the minister’s advice and pleas, then they just might be beyond redemption. But it was the Linden 2018 Women Day Event which impressed me. Why? Because to me, frankly speaking, some Linden ladies, young and matured got straight to the heart – and mind – of the matter. Too many of our young women (14 to 30) are being led astray towards paths of degradation and exploitation.

A woman’s self-worth values…

As a (failed?)  husband, father of adult daughters (only), former teacher and matured straight guy, I appreciate and (hopefully) respect our female sex. Whatever my shortcomings, I hold females in high regards.

I suspect that I’m not qualified to preach, in this piece, about people’s changing values and virtues. I’m very cautious about assuming any moral high ground. As too many hypocrites in high positions love to do. But my ladies of Linden were loudly advising that young women must earn any respect they hope to see and hear from others.

At an event to mark IWD at their premier Sports Club Ground some eminent concerned and responsible ladies of that town gave young women sound but provocative advice. Led by Mayor Carwyn Holland’s wife, Nikosa Holland, many were the powerful warnings and suggestions dispensed. Space will not allow me full verbatim quotes. But here are a few for those who missed them (highly moralistic but “empowering” for these times).

Nikosa Holland: “We must refuse to support any event that degrades women…therefore any party that says “anything goes”, “Ladies free all night”, wet tee-shirt, should be boycotted…any artiste who sings songs that celebrate women as sexual toys, brainless fiures only capable of twerking or satisfying male pleasures should be shunned by all women… respect yourself as moulders of the future…young women allow certain enterprises in the local entertainment industry to demoralise and objectify them… they are thriving on the revenue (or attendance) of females… we are paying to be  demoralized and debased… if women withdraw their support those events will fail… Let’s respect ourselves!”

Powerful advice to young women for promoting their own self-worth and self-respect from the Mayor’s wife.

She should take those messages to the schools, churches and directly to young parents. One problem is that the “parents” are indeed young themselves. Economics often trump morality. That breakdown manifests itself in crime, even prostitution/hustling in varied forms. Then there is the powerful internet media influencing (bad) behaviours and the ubiquitous mini-bus dance-hall “music” all day long.

Other lady-leaders at the Linden Event included Linda Johnson (“Let us reach out and touch and encourage and empower every days”); Deputy Mayor Waneka Arrindel  (“Mothers should train their daughters…”) and Vanessa Kissoon and Lurlena Roberts.

Specially pleasing to me, as well, was  the reported presentation of Dr Karen Perreira of the  Linden Hospital Complex who advised about what it takes to become and stay “a healthier woman”.

Now that was a meaningful Women’s Day 2018 Event! It should be weekly or monthly- with practical follow-ups.

Single-parent “chile-mudduhs”

I’ve decided to spare readers my oft-repeated views on this “single-parent” syndrome so very much a social phenomenon in our society.

Marriage has fallen victim to new socio-personal values. “Living home” and same-sex partners now constitute the “new normal.”

The ladies of Linden – hopefully replicated country-wide – must also advise young ladies to avoid unwanted pregnancies even as they engage in what’s natural. Frankly speaking, I wonder if courtship and engagements are still current (?)

The young men then refer to the single-parent mom as their chile-mudduhs. Unfortunate but reality. Did I ever report about my asking the GRPA- “Responsible Parenthood”- whether it had programmes for young expecting fathers?

A “salt-bag” of bones

Nearing my mid-seventies and it was just the “other day” I learnt of something my buddies knew for many years.

I attended a funeral (interment) of a young man. Now, his soldier-officer dad had died about twenty-plus years before. In his base camp and the wider society that officer had built up a reputation as a stern, even unyielding soldier who seldom would “flex” or modify. In fact we could describe that father as an official to be feared. No human, common touch for him.

So at this funeral, as they were pushing the young man’s coffin into the tomb a rather unkempt “tomb” attendant” forced an old salt-bag into the tomb as well. Poor me, I was surprised to be informed that in that old bag were the skeletal bones of the once- powerful father. Imagine my matured surprise.

In my bygone youth one’s loved-one would not be buried atop the other’s tomb. Today some save money.

So reflect, my friends. All of us- poor, humble, under-privileged, haughty, powerful, rich will be reduced to dust, ashes, worms—or bones!

Ponder reflect…

●  1) Our little Guyana society has done rather well at elevating our woman to Parliament, Judiciary, Business Politics, the Professions and sports.

Yet our young females are so vulnerable

●  2) So nice of the recuperating PM Moses Verapen Nagamootoo to write last Sunday’s Tribute to his lifelong mentor Dr Cheddie.

●  3) The high-tech rich crooks in money laundering have law-abiding poor folks like me and Mr LA Camacho having to answer numerous questions at banks.

●  4) I wonder: Is obstruction still frowned upon by the City Council? Most pavements are now captured by vendors who pay City Hall. We walk on the roads!

●  5) Whatever became of our own local Bishop-Pope of Lodge and Videos?

Til next week


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