`The AFC isn’t going anywhere’: His Excellency

On Honourable (s) Raphael, Khemraj, Hari Narayen…

How Coporal Coppel, supplements his salary

Firstly, let’s see how brief I can be today. Secondly, although I’m no university trained political scientist or analyst, I’m thankful to have this facility to express some political views from time to time, as citizen.

I was exposed, for many years, to “PNC politics” and though those days are by-gone I feel insightful and responsible enough to provoke discussion with comments such as those hereunder. Already, my memory of specifics can become hazy. But I swear I read of the People’s National Congress (PNC) leader, His Excellency the current President declaring two beliefs: “Coalition politics is here to stay” and “the AFC isn’t going anywhere… the coalition is intact.” Or words very much to that effect. (Research it for me; it could have been at an AFC “anniversary” event.)

“The AFC isn’t going anywhere…” So from whence came His Excellency’s confidence about that conclusion? Simple! Try to eschew your loftier political theories and analyses. Just accept the realpolitik of the AFC’s current situations: the pivotal person of Comrade Raphael is, deep down, a PNC Comrade once again. And wielding a powerful portfolio; the AFC guys and girls are “enjoying” their status; in any elections next month they are dead meat from a fickle but savvy electorate.

His Excellency knows all the above. He loves to hear them essay to sound or be “independent.”

The 2015 Valentine Day’s lovefest agreement saw APNU being generous with ministries and Vice Presidencies for Comrade Raphael and Comrades Khemraj and Moses. But the Military Strategist always planned to maneouvre into political/ governmental supremacy. And do you know what the AFC really brought to the (eventual) coalition table? It was that no-confidence vote piloted by comrade Khemraj which caused Ramotar to prorogue then capitulate at the May polls later that year. Not thousands of votes! Perhaps they deserve the long honeymoon?


Some honourable coalition comrades

As an aside, I note the daily prolific print media messages from Comrade Hydar, the PPP’s Education Secretary, I believe.

He was doing his work when he “promoted” that “the schism between the APNU and the AFC is much deeper than is currently manifest.” Using this specific issue is perfectly valid opposition political strategy. (But my earlier opinions still stand.)

Amongst our politicians today I like to single out Comrade Raphael Trotman. What a smooth operator! Classic, gentlemanly wily and deceptive. Master craftsman! I’ll always recall him “distancing” himself from any political office until the “Speakership” re-catapulted him back.

His party beckoned him!

Not unlike Dr Jagdeo. He was finished with political or governmental office. Then his party and people beckoned him (back with a bang)!

Poor Comrade Vice-President Khemraj. The Valentine’s Day Agreement landed him a high-profile, unforgiving portfolio. He must be thanking forever his No-Confidence motion against his old Comrade, Donald. But crime, public security and prisons are not a portfolio like sports or tourism. Poor Vice President.

And just who is comrade Hari Narayen? Why, that is honourable Comrade “RalphRamkarran! The former Speaker would  be President but Dr Jagdeo would have none of that. Why? Because Honourable Ralph Hari was also wily but qualified and a son of a pioneer PPP faithful.

Cde Ramkarran joined the disgruntled two- Khemraj and Moses. But wait why did I not discuss comrade Moses Verapen? I tire; and he is recuperating. Great Emergency Health Care and guaranteed top pension. See why the AFC isn’t going anywhere?


Corporal Coppel’s supplementary salary

The taxi and bus drivers around the Stabroek Georgetown Square tell me- in fact they swear- that they can verify the following.

Corporal Coppel (Not the actual surname) is a hardworking traffic rank. But he is not fair to all if a “small piece” is not forthcoming. He is one of a few ranks out there who allow certain drivers to fill their vehicles anywhere as they look away. Then every Friday the Corporal and others collect substantial “allowances” from the favoured drivers. Do you believe those drivers? Discuss


Think about this…

1)  Suppose the silent WPA leader Dr Roopnaraine had become Prime Minister when he was on the Granger Ticket? What would have been the status of the WPA ThinkTank then?

2) I was actually emotionally moved by one statement arising from the killing of the partner by the enraged GDF officer last Saturday.

The deceased lady’s actual husband reportedly told the Stabroek News reporter: “Because you have to be strong even if you separated from somebody. You have to be strong enough to walk away from problems and still love them from a distance”.

And still love them from a distance!

What matured wisdom. She was the mother of his children, after all. (I’d like to meet him.)

2b) Y’all notice the grand works going on in and outside of the Presidential Complex? Y’all think His Excellency is planning to move out in 2020?

3) It rained on Easter Monday. It was tough on kite-fliers and kite-flying. But the kites given to laid-off sugar workers’ children just refused to go up! President, His Excellency’s photos were on them. Why?

Til next week!


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