`A mother is a clean sheet for a dirty bed’

-cycles and circles

Coming soon: elections watch

Yes friends, it’s nearly ten years ago I used the identical proverb–caption for a column as repeated above.

A now deceased local Muslim “missionary” from New Amsterdam made sure he sent me the expression about a mother being “a clean sheet” in a somewhat negative context. Knowing my deep  (amateurish?) interest in our folkloric proverbs he had advised that I add it to (my) “Blood-thicka-dan-water” and “Family-cutlish-doan-cut-deep” examples.

The expression is as simple as it is profound. Just consider the three elements-mother, clean sheet and dirty bed. So many implications are produced for careful consideration-the fierce natural loyalty of motherhood, often misplaced; the “clean-sheet” cover-up and excuses; the reality of a child gone rotten – for all types of reasons and causes. Then, there is the now new-normal – the quaintly-described single-parent syndrome. The mother can’t cope with the wayward child, especially when the father seems permanently absent. (Incidentally, no single parent/mother alone could have been responsible for birthing a baby!) So why all the above.


“Clean sheet”, misdirected love

Though I’ll probably repeat past commentary the foregoing was motivated by the reports of the two youngsters killed as a result of the D’Urban Street attempted robbery last weekend.

Yes, there were the “clean-sheet” relatives wailing over the young deaths. Understandably. Even “dirty-bed” blood is thicker than water and they did regret the violent departures even questioning why lethal force had to be used. (No thought for the possible murder of the businessman–victim.)

Hearteningly at least one honest male relative did lament that “we tried to talk to him”. The would–be bandit Edwards/Dover, tried his best to take out the police in pursuit before he was finally confronted in a house. His actual mother resides overseas and according to the senior male relative tried her best to change the son’s direction. She could not then be described as a “dirty-sheet” mom.

Too many seniors turn a blind eye to the wrong-doings of their young relatives. Not only mothers, but when the “single” mothers are in dire need when the grand-parents can no longer influence wayward youth; when greedy relatives provide cover and safe-havens, the nurseries of criminality become productive.

I never tire of repeating the tales told to me, at the old GNS/Carifesta Sports Complex, by a Buxton School Headmistress during the post-2002 “Fine-man” criminal enterprise. She reported her female seniors coming to morning classes tired, sleepy. They had spent time, hours with the bandits. Their rewards were significant. Yes, some families in the village were rendered hostage, but “Miss” reported the lucrative collusion of quite a few others. Some students never saw so much loot.

These days the contributory factors producing young criminals are varied. The basics relate to changing values, moralistic degrades, economics, familial breakdown- we know the list. But when mothers, especially, turn a blind eye or condone, they do their off-spring no-long-term favour. Just watch the cycle and circle revolve, churning out miscreants.

Why is it that fatherlessness and poverty-quite present in the neighbourhoods and villages of my generation-did not produce as many young criminals? Discuss…


GECOM’s elections cometh

As I did just a few columns ago, it is already times to focus on preparations for national elections.  Don’t be indifferent now then moan on the cusp of polling day. Don’t leave awareness only to political parties.

Who will manage our oil “wealth”? What will 2020-2025 look like for the different generations? What’s happening right now at GECOM and the Department of Citizenship nestled in the powerful presidency ministry? This column will endeavour to follow the preparations as they unfold.

Players and entities to keep an eye on right now include: the Commission itself. How did it come into being? Can’t that formula be modified to include non-political professionals? Which high-profile commissioner teaches the voting procedure for local government elections? The jurist–chairman was His Excellency’s personal choice by being much more proper, more “fit”, than any of Dr Jagdeo’s eighteen (18) choices. His Excellency’s chairman therefore has to be excellent! What do you know of the other commissioners? And how is ex-GDF Officer/CEO Lowenfield coping? Can’t be distracted by allegation and audits, right?

Do you realize that right now GECOM is updating and compiling a Register of Registrants and a Register of Electors? How were officials chosen to oversee all that? Are you on any official register right now? Stay turned


Ponder, reflect…

●1) Name 5 prominent, respected businesspersons who -accessed assets from Mr Brassington – them made a killing

● 2) Is Dr Jagdeo the ultimate fraud target?

● 3) I knew them all at some level: Brent Langford, Steve Bovell, Terry Fletcher, George Baird – rest in peace gentlemen!

`Til next week


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