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Viva Volda! Two “parties’ business”

More vivid World cup joy!

Appreciate that this man-in-the-street unlettered columnist A.A. Fenty, who never-the-less acted as the country’s Chief Information Officer and was even once a “PNC man”, is now in my vulnerable seventies.

Alright, there are many older, yet braver and bolder souls than I, still actively around. But many of those many are more secure, financially comfortable – even protected.

But, as one-time school teacher, National Service adviser, top information Public Servant, then People’s National Congress (PNC) elections man, you-all might imagine and accept that I’ve picked up some vital info along the way, right? Some even “classified” and “confidential”, right? Anyhow now I’m quite retired and tired. Yet folks relate certain stories to me, urging me to “write it in yuh column – reveal it on your radio or TV shows!”

I hardly do for two main reasons: firstly some stories – criticisms, “scoops”, insider “revelations” – require lots of vetting, checking, scrutiny; for accuracy and honesty. Secondly, I’m now a vulnerable, relative coward.

Now all the foregoing is merely context for one story I was told very recently. I won’t even reveal the citizen’s working–class occupation. For both his sake and my security, he advised me not even to hint at his revelation. Even as he showed me photographic evidence to back up his claims and complaints. He explained that he merely wanted me to be convinced that too many in our security services really add to our personal insecurity.


Criminals in the Forces!

All I’ll dare to mention is that this citizen’s chilling tale had to do with a robbery on him then a culmination within one of His Excellency’s security forces. And that His Excellency prefers youngsters in schools rather than in prisons. Hence his “amnesties”. Further, I – forever frightened – say not.

But whether from our media or from “insiders” we know of rogue members of our “Disciplined” Forces. Both past members and some currently serving.

I can now repeat the publicised tale of the award-winning cop who was allegedly framing suspects, assisting in their prosecutions, then actually recruiting them for criminal wrong-doing after they had served out their sentencing. Now, how viciously criminal could he be!? So many seemed to know of his activities but society would have frowned upon those informants, they being less than model citizens. And I was told of that policeman’s (alleged) activities. But I’m a coward, remember?

Then there was an East Coast, Demerara-based young cop who was known for “allegedly” renting out his weapon for a few hours at nights. Also well-known around the Stabroek Georgetown Kitty-Campbellville- Sophia Bus Park are certain traffic ranks who allegedly “sponsor” friendly drivers to break parking and pick-up rules guaranteeing them – the cops – a weekly “top-up” every Friday afternoon.

I did ask the victim with the photographic evidence mentioned at the top of this piece why he chose not to go to the police. After all he has photographs – from Facebook profiles of this well-positioned service member and a relative implicated. His response was to the effect that “all police and army and prison guards are friends who can protect one another and harm you and your family”. So will they be left free to use their “Disciplined Services” status and opportunities to perpetuate criminal wrong-doing?

I hope not. It takes courageous citizens with evidentiary proof who are not cowards – as I am. And I do applaud when I see good police arresting their rogue associates. But Frankly Speaking, there are some young men who join the forces just to engage in “runnings”. What is your take?


Party conferences and candidates

How well I recall the glitter, the controlled confusion and expectations at the massive People’s National Congress (PNC) congresses of times past. I used to be both media/information professional and Party “comrade”.  Hundreds from throughout the country came to spend nearly a week in the city and “Sophia”.

It’s that “season” again. Both the PPP and PNC will soon hold their respective conferences – the highest decision-making fora in both cases.

Strictly speaking those are the parties’ internal business. We a-political folks should stay out. But wait! What the comrades decide will ultimately affect all of us. So we should harbour some interest. Right?

For example, take Comrade Volda. Vying for the PNC second-in-command chair. I’m backing her. As the veteran old comrade said to me at a funeral: “Fenty you was a one-time party man. You know the PNC is a ’oman party!” okay, so viva Volda.

World Cup joy – and pain

How I look forward to the drama, the stresses and strains, the joy and pain demonstrated during and after these FIFA Football World Cup Games now being played in Russia – the “largest” country on the planet.

Minister Norton must be appreciating the genuine cohesion on display amongst all inter-racial players of one team. Watch the hugs, kisses and embraces amongst team members – grown men become as boys – during matches. Behold national pride amongst emotional spectators. See grown men cry real tears in defeat.

I still say that those guards whose backs are turned on the actual exciting game as they watch the spectators continuously are the most disciplined security in the world. And oh! The Russian team’s manager/coach, bald-pated in his suit, has to be some friendly KGB man. No matter what, he does not smile nor laugh!

Now ponder…

Would Comrade Komal back a Frankie-and-Vindy ticket for the 2020 elections? What! No Afros?

Is Czarina Gail too “adult” to run?

Heartiest congratulations to Miss Langevine of Den Amstel, WCD for receiving the Golden Queen Elizabeth Award. And to Attorney Joann Bond on her appointment as Deputy Chief Parliamentary Counsel. What an achiever! Just read her resumé! 

’Til next week

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