Stories I’m scared to tell…

More vivid World cup joy!

Appreciate that this man-in-the-street unlettered columnist A.A. Fenty, who never-the-less acted as the country’s Chief Information Officer and was even once a “PNC man”, is now in my vulnerable seventies.

Alright, there are many older, yet braver and bolder souls than I, still actively around. But many of those many are more secure, financially comfortable – even protected.

But, as one-time school teacher, National Service adviser, top information Public Servant, then People’s National Congress (PNC) elections man, you-all might imagine and accept that I’ve picked up some vital info along the way, right? Some even “classified” and “confidential”, right? Anyhow now I’m quite retired and tired. Yet folks relate certain stories to me, urging me to “write it in yuh column – reveal it on your radio or TV shows!”….