Lamenting Guyana’s sub-culture of corruption and thievery

-Pre-empting and preventing the (oil) resource curse

Being futile? Another attempt to be most brief today? Lead caption presents a repetitive lament. Followed by two “advisories”.

By “lament” I mean “a prolonged expression of regret”. Not mourning or sorrow. But perhaps we Guyanese – no longer innocent and upright as in decades past – should mourn the new “morality”.

For do you realise that a sizeable portion of the population, being youthful, would find it challenging to define right from wrong? Would care little about honesty and just what is lawful? And that this state of affairs is akin to social decay – if not an introduction to societal anarchy?

But Frankly Speaking, just as we over-sixties, over-seventies/eighties are about to lament just what the current generation has ushered in, it should be “sobering” to realise that it was the oldsters – those now in the twilight of life, who really and actually spawned society’s breakdown into every conceivable social ill now prevalent. How so?….