Extra-terrestrial aliens wonder

…about the world, about Guyana

-Land, spaces and places – for Afro-Guyanese

[So how are you all – my country men and women – coping with the relative bombardment daily? Of issues related to elections, oil and gas, crime, traffic accidents, illegal narcotics and political wranglings? I can’t. Then, the curiosity of planetary visitors from an advanced distant world commanded my attention!]

No joke! A credible UFO group informed of the recent week-long presence of a two-being extra-terrestrial observer mission sent from their outer galactic universe to study the goings on of one very primitive planet. They chose Earth – our dwelling place. Because their seniors sensed that the primitive inhabitants of earth were seemingly intent on shortening significantly that planet’s existence. Thus the advanced aliens thought their findings would be a great effective case study for their brilliant youngsters located thousands of lights-years away and safe from this place of a few family-planets.

So, hovering under their cloak of invisibility  but with abilities to access hearing, seeing, analyzing and easily comprehending Earth’s behaviours, the two-being team compiled findings under general headings or  themes. Such as origin of primitive planet, sustenance and survival, global characteristics and governance, conflict resolution, existence expectancy, among others.

Up front, in their Report’s Introduction, they had reason for comparative humour. for, as they noted, in their faraway, far-behind system and family of planets, Earth enjoyed only one main star – the sun – and only one moon! No wonder the aliens concluded, this earth life has to be limited when compared to more advanced planetary communities and beings. (Their very own planet benefited from 3 suns and 5 moons.)

The following is the barest summary of the extra-terrestrials’ findings relevant to the wider world – (and two/three paragraphs on Guyana.)


What a planet! What a world!

This earliest of planets – Earth – regards itself as third away from its sun-star, amongst a group of nine in some sun or solar system or group. To this day, its major primate inhabitants are still unsure of basic origins – such as how the little planet came into being. By some God? Or by a “Big Bang” of physical explosive energy? Even the inhabitants themselves are not certain of their own origins.

To this day (2018) these humanoids – bi-pedal or two legged species of two main genders who like to be known as humans or “Homo-sapiens” – cannot all agree on whether they are products of some divine creation (creation) or descendants of a “lower” species who slowly evolved to their current status (evolution). Against that earthly contextual confusion, we, a two-being superior delegation from an advanced extra-terrestrial world, find the following.

We find that Earthling Humans are deficient in brain-power probably because of slothful clumsy evolution. So though they class themselves above their lower animal kingdom species, they should not.

We find that because they refuse to accept that they all began life on and in one of their planet’s continents (named Africa), they made superficial physical looks and cultural differences become causes for race conflicts and divisions throughout the planet.

We find that the above gave rise to global and local wars as greed demanded lands and resources belonging to others. We find that their modest advances in medicine, communication, construction and food production over thousands of earth years are all compromised by their inherent behaviour where evil overcomes good. Despite recourse to numerous faiths and gods.

We find that humans’ Earth has a short future due to their lazy brain power which has led to destructive management of their portion of the Universe’s environment. We found that there are more self-destructive humans than those blessed with love; therefore: a doomed “humanity”!

On Guyana…

As two outer-space visitors we spied a little territory on one of their southern “continents” as we were leaving Earth’s dreary atmosphere.

A once-innocent, pristine space with lovely terrain and numerous water-ways, this place, Guyana, has become a microcosm of Earth’s wider decadence. We quickly detected a soiled history – human and political as elsewhere on their planet.

Though the great majority of them are all brown or dark in physical appearance, they too have allowed racial or ethnic differences to cause disruptive divisions. No politician ever congratulates his opponent ever. So to inspire respective followers.

Experts and enablers from elsewhere therefore exploit their decades-long delayed “development” for access to great natural resources. As advanced beings we decided to exit Earth from a dreary, doomed Guyana wasteland. Somehow though a progressive miracle might bless that land by 2025. But don’t bet on it! Goodbye Earth. We’ll always wonder how come you’re still around. Zoooops! Zoom!


Land for Afro-Guyanese

– entitlement?

Every time I hear or read about our First Peoples’ Land Rights then pass all along the Aubrey Barker long main road in the Capital, certain thoughts assail my mind, my senses.

Commissioner and Head of our Lands and Surveys Commission (GL and SC) Mr Trevor Benn had a birth anniversary this week. I wish him a long productive working life. Because he is the His Excellency’s professional when I consider land these days.

Historically, we know that our “Amerindian” first arrivals landed here first. (ACDA’s Eric Phillips does not accept that though…). They lived in hinterland jungles and forests for generations. So it was somehow decided, after political constitutional independence (1966) that Amerindians should inherit legally the lands they occupied forever. (So? Mere occupation entitled them to life-long outright ownership? Individually? Collectively?)

To this day, boundaries, demarcations, allocations, legality, still surround Amerindian Land “Rights”.

Yet some Amerindian communities/ holdings are larger than many Caribbean islands. But what about other groups? Especially the African-descended?

Well, European nations fought each other for our Guyana land. The British eventually triumphed and “took possession” in the name of their kings and queens. Crown Lands appeared. After 1838, former African slaves brought out abandoned British plantations. Established villages.

Alas, gradually circumstances forced them to neglect, abandon or sell off. They moved from agriculture to cities and professions. Few maintained ownership of what was once theirs. Others did.

Today I detect, suspect that His Excellency the Historian will enable renewed ownership for Afro citizens. House-lots, acres of fields, state lands, ancestral lands will be made available. But like the owned empty spaces along Aubrey Barker, what will Afro-Guyanese do with these possessions? How? More to discuss soon.

Much to ponder…

1) Quite a robust response from Finance Minister Winston “Good Life” Jordan to Lincoln Lewis on votes, salaries and bonuses.

2) So those who were crossed-dressed and found guilty of an offence in the recent past, were not guilty!

3) When government leaders are ill, hospitalized or convalescing, can’t they be still subjected to valid, robust criticism?

4) Just witness thousands being allowed by specific judges to exploit America’s asylum laws. Illegals qualify! Whilst thousands (of us) do the legal correct thing. And wait…

5) How is Barbados’ Lady Leader getting on there – without a parliamentary opposition?

’Til next week!


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