Extra-terrestrial aliens wonder

…about the world, about Guyana

-Land, spaces and places – for Afro-Guyanese

[So how are you all – my country men and women – coping with the relative bombardment daily? Of issues related to elections, oil and gas, crime, traffic accidents, illegal narcotics and political wranglings? I can’t. Then, the curiosity of planetary visitors from an advanced distant world commanded my attention!]

No joke! A credible UFO group informed of the recent week-long presence of a two-being extra-terrestrial observer mission sent from their outer galactic universe to study the goings on of one very primitive planet. They chose Earth – our dwelling place. Because their seniors sensed that the primitive inhabitants of earth were seemingly intent on shortening significantly that planet’s existence. Thus the advanced aliens thought their findings would be a great effective case study for their brilliant youngsters located thousands of lights-years away and safe from this place of a few family-planets.

So, hovering under their cloak of invisibility  but with abilities to access hearing, seeing, analyzing and easily comprehending Earth’s behaviours, the two-being team compiled findings under general headings or  themes. Such as origin of primitive planet, sustenance and survival, global characteristics and governance, conflict resolution, existence expectancy, among others…..

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