Shouldn’t we grieve for Georgetown? I do

Mother 33, daughter 15

Have a “cautious” Christmas

(Again, I leave Crime, Corruption, Cricket, Traffic Accidents, LGE and the Budget to others.)

Instead, the recent City Hall Inquiry, the now-usual threat by the main Garbage Collectors to withdraw and the now-evident chaotic Vendor-Invasion, all combined to prompt the following heart-felt lament.

Current indifference and insensitivity by younger citizens aside, I suspect that those thousands of Guyanese resident outside, or far away from Georgetown – N.A., Mahaica, Corriverton, Linden, Pomeroon, Rupununi, Dartmouth – would tend to care little about the State of Georgetown. But they should! Why? Because our only City, Georgetown, is Guyana’s Capital – the seat of the governmental administration of the Ministry of the Presidency, the Parliament, the central ministries of government. Georgetown is what strangers see as symbolic of the whole State – from coast to jungle. Even those who approach from our hinterland borders need the presence and functions of the Capital…..

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