Circumstances change political minds

-From Hammie to Moses!

– Guardedly thanking Comrade Chairperson Volda

Just imagine me! I’m being briefly but heavily political today. Is it my old “Kitty PNC Comrade Fenty” persona kicking in? Or just politics-derived mischief? Whatever. Here goes.

I’ve matured enough to appreciate that persons have a right to change their old views, long-held considered opinions, when and if they find good reason to do so. Especially after intense and “righteous” self-analysis. I’ve also been intrigued by the metamorphoses of certain local veteran career politicians.  Of course, Guyana’s two major political behemoths the fifties-born PPP and PNC were the ones to experience the most surprising sudden, sometimes dramatic crossovers.

Circumstances, prevailing or changing, influence these “mind-changes”. But what are some of these “circumstances” which influence former loyal comrades to change minds? And parties? What motivates new allegiances? Frankly Speaking, that list may include a genuine discovery/realization that the leader party or group had changed significantly from the ideals, policies, even ideology which had prompted the follower to join and believe in the first place; frustration at not being involved, listened to or considered worthy; leadership turned selfish, arrogant, autocratic; the options offered by a new or another entity; or just crass opportunistic ambition to move on where the grass of status or achievement looks greener…..

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